Canadian Police in the 19th Century

I should let you know something, Amy. When you don't communicate with me from the 19th century for a few days I start to wonder: Is she quiet because she's happy? Is she quiet because she's sad? Is she quiet because she's dead? Well, you get the picture. Should I be more worried than usual? (Heaven help me.)

Yeah, no. All the shops had stuff on sale the past coupla days and the place has been packed. So i had to help out in the store, ya know, helping all the customers. And the man who owns this place and his wife don't have much money so they can't hire anybody. You should see the blisters on my hands from all the floor mopping. And washing the dishes totally sucks cause I hafta get water from a rusty old pump outside and there's mice all over the place. Lemons! That's what they use to clean here. Lemons and apple cider vinegar. I smell like a flippin' fruit salad. I swear I'm like a maid right now, just like Charlotte was.

Can't you do something?


Nope. Not letting you get to me.
Might I remind you that it was YOU who got yourself into this mess?

Yeah, well, I'm gonna get out of it too. I found out George's last name - it's Wilcox - and all I have to do is find out where he lives. I'm gonna find him and Charlotte, just wait and see. There's a police station somewhere around here cause I saw a guy who looked like a cop on the street yesterday. Gonna ask them for his address. I don't think it'll be a big deal.

In 1651, Quebec City began a watchman system similar to the model already in place in France. At the same time, Ontario developed its own system using the traditions of England, where constables were the norm.

In 1759, the English system was accepted by both Quebec and Ontario.

In 1835, the Toronto Police Service was formed, and was the first municipal police service created in North America when the city of Toronto was first created from the town of York. The Toronto Police is one of the English speaking world's oldest municipal departments - older than even the New York City Police Department (formed in 1845) or the Boston Police Department (formed in 1839).
It's interesting to note that before this time, ordinary male citizens were required to report for duty as special constables.

With the arrival of the 21st century, Toronto's police force will increase to approximately 5,400 uniformed officers.