A 19th century wedding

What? Did I just hear you right, Amy? You want to know about Victorian weddings? What do you mean? Have you fallen in love with someone in the 19th century?

Oh, you've simply been invited to a wedding in the eighteen hundreds where, as we all know you're...stuck.
Okay, so you want to be prepared, you say? You don't want to make a fool of yourself?


Let's look at Queen Victoria's wedding in  1840. She married her cousin (a German prince) in England when she was 21 years old.
She wore a white silk gown, which would seem quite normal today, but in the 19th century, coloured wedding dresses of purple, blue and shimmery gold were totally acceptable. As a matter of fact, white material for the creation of a gown was an expensive fabric to purchase at the time - there was little bleach to purchase. It was difficult to find pure white material and so it became a sign of wealth.
Queen Victoria set the trend for white wedding dresses and elaborate floral arrangements. On her head above a lace veil, she wore a wreath consisting of orange blossoms, signifying purity and love.

The wedding you're invited to won't be as grand as Queen Victoria's, of course. And perhaps this wedding will be held during a weekday and will probably take place in a church. It's fashionable in the 19th century to have weddings in the  morning, so don't sleep in that day or it will be considered a rudeness of the highest order.


The reception will no doubt be held in the bride's home, thirty minutes after the ceremony. It may begin at noon. 
The maid of honour will stand near the bride to assist her and the bridesmaids will stand to the left and right of the couple while ushers guide the guests. 
If you're hoping to drink and dance, you'll have to wait for a celebratory ball. There will be no entertainment at the wedding reception. It will be assumed that you need no entertainment - you are there simply to attend the wedding.


There will be fruitcake as a wedding cake with white frosting for you to enjoy, and perhaps some wine, sweets and candy.

Queen Victoria's wedding cake weighed nearly 136 kg. or 300 lbs! It was covered with pure white sugar and was decorated with figures such as turtle doves and a dog, representing love and fidelity.

The bride and groom will leave for their honeymoon right after the wedding breakfast.