Anxiety in the 1950s

Amy? C'mon, communicate with me. What the heck happened during the past week in 1950-something? You look totally stressed. Love the jacket by the way. 

Oh yeah, no, I totally am concerned about how you're feeling.
                          Talk to me, kiddo.

Okay, so you're feeling stressed and anxious.

You see people every day at your job at the diner who are feeling anxious too? A lot of them?

Yes, the 1950s are by no means perfect.

I will only be honest and tell you that mid 20th century life definitely has its problems. And I think you might be picking up on other people's anxiety so much that it's affecting your mood as well. Let's see what I can tell you about anxiety in the 1950s.


Even though depression is thought of in the 1950s as a rarity, anxiety is reaping considerable attention as a medical health problem.

Mid-20th century professionals see anxiety as a result of the demands of everyday life - financial difficulties, for instance. And the Cold War between the USSR (Russia) and the United States is regarded  as a constant and obviously serious threat.

Nuclear danger is secured in the mind of the population. Every adult is fearful of this happening.

People are visiting their family doctors with complaints of nervousness, panic and fear, along with physical symptoms related to anxiety such as shortness of breath, heart palpitations, muscle pain, gastrointestinal issues and headaches.

As well, many are struggling with other strains in their lives, but don't relate these daily struggles to the symptoms they experience.

In the 1950s the treatment of anxiety is being transformed by the development of meprobamate, the best selling minor tranquilizer of the time. Benzodiazepines will, on the most part, replace this medication in the 21st century.

As you know from living in the 21st century, Amy, the reality of a nuclear bomb being used in the 1950s will not come to pass. 
But if you feel the need, please do not hesitate to go to whatever physician the family you live with suggests.


My wish is for you to be happy until I can get you back to the 21st century.

And that's a fact.