Baseball in the 19th Century

You there, Amy? Everything going okay in the 19th century?


Oh, jeez. Again with the drama. Please just calmly tell me what's happening. You were going to go to the police station to find out where George and Charlotte are living. Did you?


Nah, it's been crazy busy in the store with ladies comin' in to by all sorts of stupid stuff the owner put on sale, like dumb hats and ribbons and stuff.

Then they all hung around for lunch and gabbed away like a bunch of squawking chickens or something.

And then yesterday the store closed cause it was Sunday. And I thought I'd be able to sleep in, but the owner's wife woke me up at 6 flippin' o'clock in the morning to walk to church with them ... through, like, a jungle.


I could barely stand when we got back, I was so tired.

Hmmm. Well, at least now you can relax. I can't! This afternoon we're taking a horse and buggy to get to a baseball game. Who knew there was baseball in 1868? Why can't it just rain?


The first Canadian baseball team was called The Young Canadians of Hamilton, and was formed in April 1854. 

Soon teams will move up in status towards being semi-professionals, sharing tournament prizes.
Adapted from a British game similar to cricket, the game of base ball or "townball" became popular first in southwestern Ontario, then also moved into Upper Canada.

In a Sporting Life magazine in 1886, Dr. Adam E. Ford will write about a game that was played 48 years earlier in 1838, and this will become the first documented game of modern baseball.

By 1913, there will be 24 minor  league baseball teams in Canada. 


Babe Ruth will hit his first professional home run in Canada in 1914 at the former Hanlan's Point Stadium in Toronto - a grandstand with bleachers. 

In 1946, Jackie Robinson will become the first black player in modern organized baseball when he plays for the Montreal Royals. He will lead the Royals to the minor league baseball championship.

21st century baseball is incredibly crowd-pleasing in both the United States and Canada, and has spanned across many generations within both countries.