Hey, Amy. Tell me what's going on. I know you keep things from me that you think I don't want to hear. Is that what's happening now in the 19th century? Are you keeping something from me? Just being stubborn?

Tell me where you are right at this moment. Jail, perhaps?

Oh my gawd look at his place, will ya? It's freaking awesome. I told ya I'd get here somehow. Just hadta grab a one-seater buggy with a horse attached. Who knew horses poop when they walk? Don't worry - I'm gonna return it.

Wow, this mansion is George's house?  He lives here with Charlotte, his new wife (and former lowly maid)?


Amy ... you crying?

Damnit. I'm gettin a bit emo ... er ... what if she's not gonna want to see me for real?

Whaaat? C'mon, Amy. This isn't like you! Walk up that walkway with confidence and knock on that front door ... or another door ... or another, maybe around the back until someone hears you. Jeesh how many doors would a mansion like this have

Do it, Amy.

Walk up the steps.

There's the door knocker. Use it. Go ahead.


What? You see someone coming around the side of the mansion outside? It's Charlotte and George out walking? She's turning to look toward the sound of the knocker? 

She sees you? She let go of George's arm? She's running towards you? Run to her too, Amy! Run!


Casa Loma in Toronto, Canada, is a Gothic Revival style mansion. Although not erected yet in the 1800s like George's mansion, construction will start in in the early 1900s and will continue until 1914.

It will be in 1903 when financier Henry Pellatt will purchase the property of 25 lots. It will take approximately $3.5 million and will take 300 workers to construct. Having 98 rooms, it will cover almost 65,000 square feet and will be the largest private residence in Canada. 

When the City of Toronto increases the property taxes for Casa Loma, they will swell from $600 per year to $1,000 per month during the Great Depression, beginning in 1929.

Pellatt, already having difficulty financially, will auction off $1.5 million in art and $250,000 in furnishings, a massive amount for the time.

In 1933, the city will seize Casa Loma from Henry Pellatt because of back taxes owing.

In 1997, the castle will undergo a $33 million restoration mainly funded by the city of Toronto, and in 2014 will enter a long term lease with Liberty Entertainment group. Further restorations will take place at this time.

Casa Loma in the 21st century will become a museum as well as a popular landmark in Toronto, and will also be  a sought after locale for weddings and film companies.