Cleaning in the 19th century

Hi, Amy. What's up? The maid's still sick? You're helping with the cleaning?

To be honest, it sounds like you've become a bit "spoiled" in the 19th century. The truth is, you've been fortunate that the family you live with can afford a maid. Otherwise, you may have ended up as a maid yourself. What housework have you been doing?

Washing floors? 
Yes, I realize it's quite a chore in the 1800s, but it needs to be done.

Shining shoes? 
Now really, how much effort does this take?

You have to use something called  blacking?
It's a thick paste that's messy?

I'm pretty sure you'll survive this too.

You've emptied the fireplace of soot? You've washed the kitchen floor on your hands and knees? 
Well, maybe now you can rest a bit. 

You'll be just fine. Maybe you should focus on helping the maid get better! She's used to working long hours every single day. 
In the 19th century, maids who work in a regular household are expected to be up before the sun. Carpets need to be cleaned, fireplaces brushed out, bedding aired, sweeping of the entire house completed, dishes washed after every meal, bath water brought in ... well, you get the picture.
Be thankful this is a temporary situation.