Diaries in the 19th Century

Okay, Amy. Testing one, two, three.
I need an update on what's happening in the 19th century.

Yes, I'm sure you're still upset about Charlotte the maid getting fired. Such terrible news.
And I promise not to mention the fact that she had to leave the house you live in because you were meddling with the social norms of 1868. (Oops). 
Perhaps you're feeling  ... guilty?


Guilty? I dunno. Yeah, I guess. I went downstairs into her room after the master of the house took her and her stuff into town by carriage. And when I opened one of the drawers of the desk, I found her diary. She must've forgotten it with all the drama that was going on when the lady of the house thought she was trying to hook up with George. Looks like she wrote in it every day.

And you read it?

You wouldn't?

 Fair point.

*heavy sigh* And the last entry is a poem Charlotte wrote. Must've been about George and how happy she felt after meeting him. Here, you can read it for yourself and then tell me how "wrong" I've been. 

Dare I Dream
Dare I dream for the impossible, dare I dream for it to start
Has my  life come close to sweetness, has it come to touch my heart
Toil is all around me, yet I have not asked for more
and I scarcely breathe believing joy is knocking at my door
If I deserve the slightest trace of sunlight after rain
and a wish is mine to pray on, after darkness, after pain,
I promise I shan't waste the chance somehow has come my way
a better person shall I be to others every day
And fully in the knowledge I may not deserve at all
this gift of hope bestowed me, I am humbled, yet stand tall
Creation in its wisdom may reach out or leave me still,
and splendour may approach or flee, as birds upon my sill
Yet with faith I dream in sleep and wake when servant is my role,
as there is no way to steal away a dream from one's own soul.

1605 was the year the first use of the word diary meant a daily recording book. The word itself, "diary", is from the Latin diarium, or daily allowance.

It is in the 19th century, when you currently live, that the practice of publication of diaries after someone's passing has become popular, especially among artists, authors and politicians. 

In the 20th century, no doubt the most famous diary of all will be published for all to read: "The Diary of a Young Girl" or "The Secret Annex" by Anne Frank. It will be written in Amsterdam during the German occupation of 1942 to 1944, when Anne is forced to hide with her family in rooms behind a false door - a bookcase will camouflage the entrance

In 1908 the first featherweight diary will be created by the Smythson Company, and as the 20th century progresses, the owning and writing in a diary will be regarded as an act of exploring one's self.