Fathers in the 19th Century

Hey, Amy. Just checking in with you. Everything going okay in the 19th century? *crossing fingers*


Ya, having breakfast with the last of the guests. They're leaving the mansion today.

Oh, okay. Won't keep you long then. It looks like all is well there. So you must be behaving like a proper young lady in the 19th century for a change - you know - not causing trouble, not telling anyone you're from the 21st century, not swearing, not lying, not stealing.

Ya, well I'm not a moron. As a matter of fact I acted kinda perfect at the dance that was held here  last night ... cuz it was the last night for all the guests and everything. Charlotte taught me how to waltz before it started, which was freaking awesome cuz I totally nailed it.

And the guy you told me you had the hots for? The guy you spent an entire night and day with? Isn't Patrick his name? Isn't that what you said ... that you thought he was hot?

I'm telling you, Amy. Your manners and reputation must be impeccable or you're going to end up being asked to leave the mansion.

And heaven only knows where you'd end up. 

Ya, ya,  don't get your socks all in a knot.

If you must know, the guy, Patrick, had to leave early, but Charlotte told me during the dance that he said he'd be back soon.


Anyway, you don't hafta worry about it cause I danced mostly with George's father. He acts like he's gotta protect me from somethin', or someone. Don't know what that's about. 
He kinda acts like he's my father to be honest

When you currently live, in the mid 1800s, the traditional father is seen as the protector of his home from external threats, and a disciplinarian, with emotions hidden within.

Middle class Victorian fathers who own farms spend most of their time focusing on their fields to provide for their children, while upper-class and urban businessmen are expected to be good providers as well - they too, spend much time away from their family. Men have the sole responsibility when it comes to financial support for his family as "head of the household".

It is during times of celebration, such as the dance last night, or Christmas, for instance, when fathers in the 19th century are expected to be involved with the family and perhaps show some emotion toward their offspring.

Men-only organizations are thriving at this time, and taverns are providing locations for men to discuss business dealings or be entertained. Men are believed to be firm and filled with the stern morality of the time.

In Victorian times, fathers are not criticized for using physical force against his children or servants as a means of punishment, but this will change close to the end of the century when laws are enacted to prevent such abuse of patriarchal power.

19th century fathers are very concerned regarding the future of their children and command respect by them, especially their sons, who will need to find careers to support their own families and purchase a home.

As for their daughters, fathers hold a prideful spot in their hearts and wish for a successful husband who will cherish her in all manners of life.