Makeup in the 1950s

Hi, Amy. Just wondering how this past week in 1950-something has been going for --

Please tell me you're getting ready to celebrate halloween, Amy.
Let's just say that your makeup might be a touch over the top for the 1950s.


In the 1950s cosmetic companies are aware of the growing number of women entering the workforce, and are beginning to promote cosmetics any and every way possible.

Classes are offered to teach women the benefits of the many new products reaching the shelves of department stores:


Max Factor - started in the early 1900s
Revlon - founded by two brothers in the 1930s
Estee Lauder - began in 1946. First to offer a gift with purchase
Elizabeth Arden - began in Manhattan in the early 1900s

These cosmetic icons are expanding their beauty businesses and are bringing femininity to the forefront in the 1950s. They dictate the colours of the fresh new version of facial enhancement.

Corals, pinks and reds are all popular for lips. Light rouge highlights cheekbones. Dark brows present themselves as dark and distinct against popular pale skin. Powder and liquid foundation create the soft feminine look of the time.

The  makeup of the fifties is elegant and classic.

Audrey Hepburn has famously stated. "I believe in pink."


Marilyn Monroe creates her famous wing-tipped eyes in this time period using black eyeliner and false lashes glued only at the outer edges of her eyes.


You greaser boyfriend, Tony,  doesn't want to hear anything about makeup?

He says you're beautiful without it?


I think  I'm starting to like this guy.