Slang in the 1950s

Hey, Amy. Still having trouble with the lingo in 1950-something? 


LINGO, Amy. L-I-N-G-O.  It means language and speech used at a particular time or by a particular group.


Maybe I should clue you in on the slang used in the 1950s.
You know, so you can communicate with everyone  better.

To an outsider, 1950s slang can have a different meaning than what is actually intended.

Let's take your greaser boyfriend and his friends, for instance.

The term "greaser" stems from a guy who slicks back his hair. Of course, he needs to use a lot of greasy hair products to get this look. Make sense? Okay, let's carry on.

It would be quite acceptable for you to call your boyfriend Daddy-O next time you see him. He won't even flinch.

Yes, of course I realize he's not your father, or even a father at all.

And I'm pretty sure he doesn't want to be one yet, either.


ANKLE-BITER  A young child 
BACK SEAT BINGO  Being intimate in the back seat of a car 
BREAD  Money
CRUSIN' FOR A BRUISIN'  When someone acts in a taunting manner 
DIG  When someone "digs" another person or thing,  they're really into you or it
BURN RUBBER  To hit the accelerator of a car and hit the road with tires spinning, like the term, FLOOR IT
CLOUD NINE  If someone says they're on cloud nine, chances are they're incredibly happy
COOL  Same meaning as the slang word "cool" we use today - someone or something is awe-inspiring
DIBS  To claim something, as in, "I've got dibs on that piece of cake"
FLICK  A movie
WET RAG  If you're told to stop acting like a wet rag, it means someone thinks you're boring and not willing to join in the fun
DRAG  See wet rag above. If you're being a drag, you're boring or tiresome
DRIP  A weak or annoying person
MAKE OUT  Pretty much means an innocent kissing and petting event
NEATO  Awesome
OUT TO LUNCH  If people think you're out to lunch, they think you're unaware of what's happening around you
RAG TOP  A car that's a convertible
SCENE  A place or quality that denotes who you are or what you do "It's not my scene"
PUT DOWN  To say something negative about someone
UNREAL  Amazing
OUT OF THIS WORLD  Also amazing
BIRD DOG  A guy who tries to steal another guy's girlfriend
GOT IT MADE IN THE SHADE  When everything is going just right
MY PAD  Your home, apartment, or bedroom
FAST  This word denotes a person who is easily engaged in sex, similar to the word LOOSE
ROYAL SHAFT  When you treat someone unfairly or dismiss them totally
HIP  A common slang term even in the 1930s and 1940s meaning contemporary, cool or modern

Now, go out there Amy and have an unreal and out of this world experience away from  your pad until you have it made in the shade!

And try not to be a wet rag.