Time Travel in the 19th Century

Uh, Amy? I honestly don't want to disturb you, but the time has come for you to either time travel to the 21st century or remain in the 19th century.


Yeah, I'm coming there.
Please just give me another minute, okay? 
It's so hard to say goodbye to Charlotte.

And I'm kinda afraid, to be honest with ya.
What if I don't like it in 2017? What if I'm not happy in the 21st century? What if ...

It's time, Amy.  Everything is ready. Just stay right where you are and let me handle everything.


What’s happening?!


 Just a few more seconds, Amy. 

Oh yeah? Then you gotta tell me where I am.
Like, just exactly where am I now?

Oh, uh ... okay, don't panic! I think there's been a slight problem with transmitting you to 2017 ... some kind of power surge of sorts.

Don't worry, Amy. I'll get it all straightened out. Just describe to me what you see around you. 

I'm walking aound a big house. And there's a band playing music in front of it. 
And people are dancing on the grass, like they're celebrating somethin'.

And there's people dressed in army costumes everywhere. Hold on, someone dressed like a sailor is coming over to me.

Uh oh ... oh dear ... I think I've accidentally stuck you into a World War II victory celebration, Amy.

I think I've sent you to the year 1945!

Amy? Amy? Coming up for air any time soon?