Victorian Grooming for Men


Well, Amy. it certainly looks like that's you holding hands with one of the two fellows you met at the Victorian mansion. Now I have to guess if it's Sam or Barker. Is that what you're making me do?

Or worse ... are you planning on keeping who it is from me altogether?

What?!  Yeah, no.
Inappropriate in the 19th century ... inappropriate ... inappropriate.
Did I forget to mention innappropriate?

Jeesh, relax, will ya? It was just a kiss in the sitting room of Charlotte's bedroom. I mean, he smelled so great, like he had on cologne or sumthin'. What was I suppos'd to do?
No wonder you're getting so much grey hair.

He smelled great? That's all he had to do? He just had to smell great for you to kiss him? And he was in the sitting room of Charlotte's bedroom? Why?

Oh, yeah, that. Well, I mighta said "sooo hot" when I bumped into him on the staircase cause he had a rilly cool stubble of beard on his face.

But then he followed me into Charlotte's room to open a window for us 'cause he thought I meant that the whole mansion was hot ... you know, like, hot 'cause of the sun and stuff. 

And that's when I mighta said he smelled good when he reached past me to open the window and we were, like, really close. Get it?

Yeah. I get it, Amy. Believe me, I get it much too well.

In the mid 1800s, when you currently exist, grooming products such as ointments and balms in woody scents are becoming very popular for men.

Beards, now more than ever, are taking centre stage as a fashion statement for the male population.

Even physicians at this time are suggesting that beards are beneficial for a man's health, perhaps holding the ability to prevent illnesses borne from foreign matters - the beard is felt to be a filter from unwanted impurities against the body. Also, beards are gaining acceptance as a means to warm a gentleman's neck area.

Extravagant tortoise shell moustache combs are favoured, costing as much as $3.00 in the mid-19th century, equivalent to approximately $80.00 today. 

In the mid-1800s, the sale of mens' toupees is growing as well, as aging men hope to appear younger.
By the end of the 1800s, physical appearance for a man will play an ever important role in his romantic attractiveness. 

A properly groomed and full beard or moustache will be considered a sign of strength and potency, and an indicator of fertility.