Wealth in the 19th Century

Yes, Amy, I'm here. Please tell me you've got some good news from the 19th century. I don't think I can handle much more drama.

Did you go to the police station? Did you find out where George, the wealthy guy and Charlotte, the former maid he eloped with are living? Did the police tell you where George's house is located?

Ya, they showed me on a map. It's not very close to here, but for sure I'll find a way to get there.
There's only one problem ...

Ahuh. Okay, hit me with it.

What if she's not happy to see me? 

Yeah, now that Charlotte's married to a rich guy and everything. What if she wants to forget all about being a maid in the house where I used to live. What if she doesn't want to be around me cause I'll remind her of how sad she was then. What if she'll be afraid I'll tell her new friends the truth about her. What if ...

Oh, for heaven's sake, stop with the "what if" talk right this minute.

If anyone rejects you, you simply have to continue being as weird and wonderful as you already are.
Yes, Amy. I think you're wonderful ... and weird.

In the mid 1800s when you currently live, the wealthy upper class normally have more than one servant under their employ and separate themselves from the lower working class. Having been a maid, and admitting to it, would not work well for Charlotte as the wife of a rich man in such a social structure. It is important during this time for the wealthy to display their higher social status by the amount of servants they are able to hire, and also by their assets, so they can show them off as they regularly entertain guests. 

Wealthy landowners, similar to George, are buying property from the owners of small farms, and are finding ways to create a more effective way of planting. They live in large and comfortable houses.
Also during the 19th century however, many are poor, regardless of how hard they work. They may resort to begging on the streets, or beg for food or money as they go door-to-door.

By the late 1800s, 10% of families will have much prosperity, and will hold 83% of all wealth.