What to wear to a masquerade ball

Hi, Amy. Since it's only a few days to the big event, the masquerade ball, I'm wondering how everything's going. 
Charlotte, the maid (turned full-time seamstress) has finished all three gowns? One for the lady of the house, one for you and one for herself? Wow. What a lot of work. So, you did it; you totally convinced Charlotte to let you sneak her, an uninvited domestic servant, into the ball. 

Sure. I'd love to take a look at the gowns.


This is what the lady of the house will be wearing? Very pretty. Love the fan. And Charlotte the maid WHO IS TOTALLY NOT INVITED? What did she create for herself to wear?

Beautiful. Simple, stylish and, tasteful. I think I'm ready to see what you coerced Charlotte into making for you. Let me take a long breath first. Okay ... ready.


Maybe I'm not as ready as I thought.

Excuse me for a sec while I get that image out of my brain.

What's the matter with it? Doesn't it seem a little Drama Queenish? Everyone will be staring at you.

That's what you're hoping? Okay, I give up. We'll see how it turns out. I can hardly wait.