Writing a 19th Century Character

Oh, there you are, Amy. I figured you must be terribly busy in the 19th century considering I haven't heard anything from you for days. But you're simply sipping tea.

I'm pretty certain that you realize I'm dying to know which guy you've chosen to be with - Barker or Sam - because I've actually TOLD YOU THIS many times!

C'mon ... out with all the details about this new relationship of yours.

The actual truth of the matter is that I lost control of your actions a while back.

You've carved out a life all your own. You've made your own decisions, good or bad. 

You changed Charlotte's life from that of a saddened maid to one of an aristocrat - a place beyond her wildest dreams.

You supported her from heartbreak to marriage, a situation every young woman in the 19th century wishes to achieve. There aren't many other options.


And although I put pen to paper, or rather, fingers to keys, it was your road we've followed. 

It is your heart we've listened to. It is your independence that's taken us to situations we weren't expecting to encounter..


So, here's to you, Amy. 

And soon, when I ask you if you still want to return to the 21st century, you can tell me your decision.