Clothing in the 1950s

Oh hey, Amy. Just checking in to see how you're managing in 1950-something. I'm not quite sure what year the time machine plunked you into, so you'll have to ask someone around there what year it is.

  Or ... maybe just look at a calendar. 

Okay. Well it looks like you've spent the last week decorating the bedroom you've been staying in.

Looks much better! The wallpaper's very um, retro.

Huh? How long is it going to be before I  get you back to the 21st century?

Why ... soon, of course.

But hey. In the meantime, how about you tell me what you like about the 1950s. There must be something.

You like all the "vintage" clothing?
Huh. That's funny because  "vintage" is the ONLY type of clothing you're going to find in the 1950s when you're from the future.
Yeah. Just sayin'.

In the 1950s, dresses are worn almost every day, by girls and women although pants have entered some clothing lines.

Leisurewear is a shirtwaist dress or skirt and blouse, and a staple for all stay-at-home moms.

Full skirted dresses are popular at this time, and a cinched waist is expected. 

Now that World War II is in the past and the economy is booming, all types of fabrics are readily available in bright colours and patterns. 
Sleeves are any length, with cap or elbow lengths very common. 

At the opposite end of the fashion spectrum, you will find slim-fitting pencil skirts attached to tailored, or less structured bodices.

So as you can see, there are lots of choices ... as long as the choice is a dress.

The ultimate figure silhouette for women in the 1950s is shapely, defined by a thin waist and full bust.

To achieve this look, uncomfortable girdles are worn along with padded, cone-shaped bras.

You were given some clothes to wear by the mother of the household? Oh yeah? Let's see what you're wearing.

Nice. Don't you agree that it's a great look? I thought you loved vintage.

Okay, let's communicate again when you're in a better mood.

In the meantime, try to remember ...

Jeez, Amy. Just go with it, will you?