Slang in the 1960s



Oh, there you are, Amy.


I'm just wondering what's been happening with you in 1960-something.
You know, what you're up to.

What? You're actually doing it? You're hitchhiking across the continent?

Uh ... okay.

I sound worried?

Oh yeah, no, I'm not worried about you in the slightest.

Why, if nothing terrible happens to you ... I mean, I'm sure only great things will happen to you.

There's lots of friendly people out there who'll pick you up from the side of the long, grey, lonely, dusty highway, right?

C'mon positive brain image ...

Whew. Better.

Okay, well, here's some popular slang words from the 1960s  you should know on your travels.

 I hope you have a groovy, far out time. And try not to sound like a square, huh?
That would be such a bummer.


ACID - LSD - (Lysergic Acid Diethylamide) - a hallucinogenic drug
BUMMER - Something disappointment, a "downer"
ELECTRIC KOOL AID - Combining LSD and Kool Aid during the "Acid Tests" of the 1960s, and a  term written about in a 1968 book by Tom Wolfe, titled, "The Electric Kook Aid Acid Test"
FAR OUT - Something wonderful.
FLIP OUT - Losing your cool
FLOWER POWER - in use during the late 1960s and early 1970s as a symbol of passive resistance
FREAKS - Actually cool people
GET HIGH - Get stoned
JOINT - Marijuana cigarette
NICKEL BAG - $5 worth of marijuana
OUTTASIGHT - Wonderful
PEACE - Mainly refers to the wish for peace in the ongoing Vietnam War
RIGHT ON - an affirmation
SCENE - wherever the cool people are
SPACED OUT - Not with it, may be high
SQUARE - If you're a square, you're definitely uncool
TEENY BOPPERS - those too young to be hippies
TRIP - What you go on when you take a hallucinogen drug
VIETNAM WAR - A conflict occurring between 1955 and 1975 in Vietnam, Laos

There are loads of illegal drugs easily available in the 1960s, and you'll see them everywhere you hitchhike.

Doesn't mean you have to take any. 

And watch out for the fuzz.