The Original Star Trek


Yes, the time machine is calibrating right now, so I can hardly hear you.

You know all the trouble I've been having with it lately.

Just give it a minute so your voice can reach 2018 clearly. ... almost there ... four years to go ...


... ah, there we are.

What's been happening in 1960-something, Amy?

The Vulcan salute?

Okay, live long and prosper to you too. 

I'm sure you're giving me a reference to something that's happening in 1960-something, so lay it on me.


You're surprised that Star Trek is a "thing" in 1960-something? Like, waaay before your birth?

Yes, Star Trek is a thing in 1960-something.

Just don't give away any storylines that haven't been on television yet, or talk about the Star Trek movies still to come. 

The first Start Trek series debuted in 1966, right around the time you currently exist in. It will air for three seasons on the television network NBC.
Debuting on September 8th, the first regular episode was called "The Man Trap". The original series includes one of television's first multicultural casts.
Seven television series will be created in total:
The Original Series
The Animated Series
The Next Generation
Deep Space Nine



When he created Star Trek as early as 1964, Gene Roddenberry was inspired by the book Gulliver's Travels and the television series, Wagon Train.

He tried to convey the plight of humankind, and what might be in the future for all of us, if we don't heed the call for a peaceful planet.

A quote from William Shatner:
"There is a mythological component (to pop culture), especially with science fiction. It's people looking for answers - and science fiction offers to explain the inexplicable, the same as religion tends to do ..."

"If we accept the premise that it has a mythological element, then all the stuff about going out into space and meeting new life - trying to explain it and put a human element to it - it's a hopeful vision. All these things offer hope and imaginative solutions for the future."

The culture of the Trekkie is just beginning in the 1960s, and as we all know, will continue to grow through the decades.

Games, toys, figurines, comics ... so many items will be available from the Star Trek franchise during the timespan from 1966 into the 21st century.
Along with many new  adventures.


A shoutout to this amazing girl I met while participating in a local craft and gift show recently.

Even without her creative face paint she'd stand out in any crowd.

Such a pleasure to meet her.